Monday, February 24, 2014

European Wood Pigeon

The European wood pigeon is one of six subspecies of the common wood pigeon. It has a bluish/gray back and feathers, a slate gray crown and neck, with a mauve pink breast, stiff neck feathers forming lines of iridescent green to purple with a white patch of feathers underneath, a black-tipped tail,  white bar across the middle of the wings, a pale yellow to greenish white eye, and pink bill which is reddish at the base, and grayish/purple legs and feet.
This wood pigeon was found in Cologne, Germany. Note the mauve pink breast and white bar on the wing and purplish feet.
This wood pigeon was found in Rudesheim, Germany. Note the iridescent purple to blue lines and white patch on the neck. Also the black tipped tail. 
Yellow eyes and bill with reddish base. 
The purple to green stripes continue around the back of the neck, but the white patches do not connect. 

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