Wednesday, September 26, 2018

U-Cook Lobster - Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

As part of our private tour, while in dock in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we were taken to Peggy's Cove and dropped off for about 20 minutes near the lighthouse. It was very crowded and I wanted to walk along the road and look at some of the tiny businesses that lined it. I passed a vehicle called "U-Cook Lobster" that advertised lobster rolls. U-Cook Lobster claims to be the only exclusive mobile lobster vendor in the Maritimes. 

A view across the street. 
I couldn't resist and ordered one (I did not cook it - I should have). It may be one of my very least favorite lobster rolls ever, except the one I bought in an airport once. The lobster was shredded, so it was light and not dense at all. Who wants shredded lobster (I want it to be dense and thick)? It had very little mayo or other condiments (on the lobster or on the bun) on a freshly cooked bun. It was a very weird experience of the taste of the bun over-shadowing the taste of the lobster. 
Never again. 

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