Monday, September 24, 2018

Spears Fishing & Charter - Saint Andrews, New Brunswick

Saint Andrews is a beautiful small town on a peninsula that juts into Passamaquoddy Bay, just off the Bay of Fundy. We'd driven there to go on a whale watching tour with Quoddy Link Marine. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tide differential in the world, getting as much as 53 feet toward the head of the bay and as high as 23 feet in Passamaquoddy Bay. The pictures show the huge expanse of land that the tide covers when it rises. 
This tidal flat will all be covered at high tide. 
This very long dock is mostly on dry ground. There is a huge variance at the end of the dock for low and high tide. We got off at low tide and had to walk up quite a steep ramp to get up to the top. 
After our boat trip, which took about three hours, we asked where a good spot to eat was and were told to go to Spears, near the beginning of the wharf. Spears does their own fishing and lobstering and sells their own catch. 

We learned that lobstering is open year-round in Maine, but circulates among different locations in Canada. In Canada, a particular area might only be open about a month and a half during the year. That means fresh lobster is not as readily available in Canada as in Maine. 

I ordered a lobster, some potato salad and some corn and bean salsa to eat on a picnic table outside. I was a little surprised that the lobster came covered in plastic in box. It was a little more informal than I expected. The potato salad was kind of bland as was the corn and bean salsa. The ingredients seemed fresh, just not particularly well seasoned. The lobster was also a little over-cooked. 
Lobster in plastic in a box.
Although the setting was nice, right on the bay, the food was just okay. Saint Andrews itself, looked like a very fun place to spend some time walking among the shops. Unfortunately, we did not have time for that. 


  1. It was tough to be the setting, although our son believes in getting further away from the tourist areas to eat. Didn't we get ice cream afterwards??