Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Seaside Restaurant - St. Martins, New Brunswick

After a night in Saint John, we were off to find the Fundy Trail Parkway, a stretch of the Bay of Fundy. Along the way, as we hit Saint Martins, the Bay of Fundy appeared and we saw a group of restaurants near the coast. One of them claimed "world famous chowder." I was next to the ocean and seafood was on my brain. I pulled into the parking lot. Andrew was incredulous, "you never fall for a world famous sign Dad. Go to Yelp." 

I resisted and went inside to grab some takeout. Judy and Andrew were so impressed they stayed in the car. 

It was Seaside Restaurant with several signs also proclaiming "Award Winning Chowder." I ordered some chowder, a lobster roll and some poutine. 

Well, of course Andrew was right, and I knew he was right when we pulled in. When I came out he pointed to a sign on another restaurant that had a Trip Advisor "Certificate of Excellence" sign. What could I say?

The chowder was horrible. It was watery and had very little fish in it. We all took a try and left most of it uneaten. 
The lobster roll was pretty ordinary, but I'll eat ordinary lobster, so it was all eaten. Not much mayo or anything else and kind of limp meat. 
The poutine was interesting, our first of quite a few on our trip. It had dark gravy and melted cheese curds. I found out later that the ideal poutine has squeaky cheese curds that are not melted. Well, I don't like squeaky cheese curds and I like them melted, so to that extent I liked the fries. However, I did not like the flavor or type of gravy, more of a beef gravy. The poutine was all devoured, but mostly because it was there and we were hungry, not because it was particularly good.  
So I re-learned a lesson I already knew, never stop for a "world famous" anything sign. 


  1. Hmm, yeah looks kind of ordinary but still looks like it was an adventure and an adventure always yields a good story.

  2. You have to have tasted the bland and unremarkable in order to truly appreciate the gourmet experience, right?