Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Common Impala

The common impala is a beautiful animal. We saw many of them four years ago in East Africa. On our latest trip to Southern Africa we did not see nearly as many, but did see a rarer cousin in Namibia, the black-faced impala

We saw a few in the Okavanga Delta of Botswana, 
This is my only relatively decent photo from Botswana.
a few near Victoria Falls (from a helicopter and a drive through Zambezi NP), Zimbabwe
Impala viewed from a helicopter in Zambezi NP.
An impala viewed in Zambezi NP while driving to drop our canoes into the Zambezi River.
and quite a few in Hwange NP in Zimbabwe. 

While we were on a walking safari in Hwange, we encountered a pretty big herd governed by a large male. We got relatively close to them, which was a thrill. 
The male on our walking safari.
Female members of the herd on our walking safari.
Walking safari.

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  1. Such a graceful and majestic animal. Their two-toned flanks made them easy for me to identify. It was fun to see so many.