Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Long-Nosed Reed Frog

The long-nosed reed frog, also known as the sharp-nosed reed frog and long reed frog, is found in northern Angola and the Okavanga Delta of northern Botswana. The body is long and slender (although just more than a half-inch in length) and it limbs are slender. It is light green with semi-translucent skin. It has a lateral stripe running across each side of its body and a reddish/brown iris. The back is covered by small and large dark spots, although the one we saw did not have the spots (I've seen pictures of some that do and well as pictures of some that don't). There are three related species and perhaps that may be one of the differentiations. 
The frog is on my Canon Eos Rebel which gives an idea of how small it is. 
A cropped view gives more detail. 
This side view gives the best detail. 
We saw one of these frogs when we were on a makoro ride in the Okavanga Delta. It was so small I couldn't tell it was a frog at first. I held it in my hand which seemed to distress our makoro drivers (I think Judy alluded to the fact that they may bring all of their makoro riders to see the same frog - although I have a hard time believing that the frog would stay in the same place and that they could find the same place). 
Our makoro ride in the Okavanga Delta. This is the environment it was in. 

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  1. I think the guide says that the frog never moves far from one spot. I wonder if he was also worried about us upsetting the ecosystem by putting the frog back on a different piece of grass.