Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tricolored Heron

The tricolored heron is mostly blue/gray with a white line along the neck, rust colored at the top, and a white belly. During breeding season they get blue plumes on the head and neck and buff plumes on the back. It has a long, pointed yellow bill with a black tip that turns partially blue during the breeding season. The legs and feet are yellow, except during breeding season when they turn pink.    
The white neck stripe and belly are visible. 
The white neck stripe with red at the top and white belly. 
This heron's bill has turned mostly blue and it has the buff breeding plumes, but the legs are still yellow, not pink. 
Juveniles have a chestnut neck and spots of chestnut on their wings and upper back. 
This juvenile heron in Orlando Wetlands has the chestnut neck and spotting on the wings. 
It is so brown that it almost looks like a different species. 
I like this photo. The background foliage is quite abstract and the evening sun is giving the bill and face a glow. 
I also like this photo. The clarity of the bird and the abstract shape and color behind. 
Taking flight.
Going after prey.
A snowy egret and tricolored heron at Merritt Island. 

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  1. The color in your second picture is spectacular! It looks pretty clumsy taking off out of the water.