Friday, February 23, 2018

American White Ibis

I've previously seen the American white ibis in the Everglades and at Sanibel Island. On my recent trip to Florida I also saw them at Merritt Island, Circle Bar B Reserve, the Viera Wetlands and Orlando Wetlands. 
I saw juveniles for the first time, with heavy doses of brown and a more pink bill. 

I saw them on contrasting black mud at Merritt Island.
And got a photo that looked so much like a black and white that I made it a black and white. 
In the early dawn light at Viera Wetlands the pink glows. 

At Orlando Wetlands the green fan is a perfect contrast. 
Some nice reflections.

An evening glow at Merritt Island.
One of my bird favorites. Very beautiful and distinctive. 

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