Friday, February 9, 2018

Roseate Spoonbill

I saw one of my favorite birds, the roseate spoonbill, in two locations on my January trip to Florida. The best view was a spoonbill at Merritt Island NWR. I saw it feeding on some mud flats and was able to get quite close and get it walking along in the mud. 
I can't get enough of this bird. Crazy red legs, scarlet wingpatch, yellow blotch on the wing and on the head. 
A closer view. It looks like a space alien wearing a plastic cap. 
A mile or two distant I saw a spoonbill in a canal among some other birds, including a great egret and a great blue heron. I got some pictures of it flying which I love. 
Looks like an odd pink angel.
Head stooped forward, legs dangling, it looks like an awkward old man.
The shades of red, pink and orange are incredible. 
Finally, I saw a spoonbill at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland. This spoonbill was not as colorful, evidencing that it was either a younger bird or had a less rich diet,or both.  
Pretty tame when compared to the spoonbills above.


  1. It always surprises me to see such brilliant colors on birds in the U.S. If you'd shown me this picture and asked me where I thought it was, I wouldn't have said the U.S. Why is that?

    1. I agree. The spoonbill is as colorful and goofy looking as any bird we've ever seen.