Monday, February 26, 2018

Black Vulture

I've blogged on the black vulture previously. It is almost entirely black except for silvery/white patches on the underside of the wing tips. The tail is short and square and the wing tips are splayed and have "fingers" in flight. The head and neck have no feathers and the skin is rumpled in a way that makes it look like chain-mail. The iris of the eye is brown, the beak is short and hooked, and the legs are grayish/white. 
Standing in a tree covered with Spanish moss at Orlando Wetlands. 
At Circle B Bar.

Standing on a structure in Orlando Wetlands. The one on the closest end is immature, noted by its more feathery head. 
I had close encounters with black vultures at Orlando Wildlife Park and at Circle B Bar. In Orlando I saw many of them in flight and got some reasonably good pictures. At Circle B Bar they were feeding on dead fish at the edge of a pond. 

Feeding on a fish.

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  1. The classic undertaker bird. I love the wingtips when they are in flight.