Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Greater Yellowlegs

The adult greater yellowlegs has long yellow legs and a long, thin bill which is longer than its head. The body is gray/brown on top and white underneath, including the rump. The neck and breast are streaked with dark brown. In breeding plumage they have quite a bit of black on the back and shoulders. 
The long yellow legs are one of the identifiers. The shape and coat are similar to other birds. This bird does not breed in Florida, but it looks like it has breeding plumage (dark spots on the back and shoulders). This is my best guess for now. 
It breeds in the far north of Canada and Alaska and winters along much of the west and east coasts of the U.S., most of Florida and much of Texas and much of Mexico. 

It was a difficult bird to identify (I hope I've identified it correctly). I saw several of them on Merritt Island. 

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  1. The patterns on the feathers reminds me of a pheasant. Very pretty.