Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Little Blue Heron

The little blue heron is small and long-legged, with a purple-maroon head and a slate-blue body. The dagger-like bill is dark at the tip and blue-gray at the base. 

Two little blue herons at Merritt Island. 
At Merritt Island
At Merritt Island
Flying in Orlando Wetlands
Orlando Wetlands
Juveniles look like an entirely different bird. They are all-white, except perhaps dusky tips to their primary feathers, and the bill is usually rather two-toned. 
Juvenile in the Okefenokee Swamp. Our guide made a point of it looking like a white egret, but actually being a juvenile little blue heron. 
The same bird revealing its greenish yellow legs. 
This looks like an even younger juvenile in Orlando Wetlands Park. 
A juvenile little blue heron with a white ibis and glossy ibis at Merritt Island. 

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  1. I especially like the 4th picture that shows the red head. Hard to believe these birds start out white.