Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Tourmaline Sunangel

I saw some tourmaline sunangel hummingbirds on Montezuma Mountain in Tatama NNP. 
Per Wikipedia, the "bill is blackish, straight, and of medium length. Both sexes have dark shining green upperparts and dusky gray underparts with round green spots. Their tails' central feathers are dark bronze and the others blackish. Adult males have a glittering green frontlet just above the bill, a dark purple-blue chin, and a glittering rosy pink gorget with a glittering emerald green border below it. Adult females lack the green frontlet, their chin is blackish, and their throat whitish with green to dusky speckles and sometimes a few glittering rosy feathers."

They are found in all three Andes mountain ranges in Colombia and south on the eastern slope of Ecuador's Morona-Santiago Province. 
Tourmaline Sunangel range from Wikipedia.

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  1. Looked at from one angle, it was green, and from another, more blue. Cool bird.