Thursday, July 13, 2023

Colombian Acorn Woodpecker

I have two prior posts on the acorn woodpecker, here and here. They are common where we live. They are found as far south as Colombia and we saw them in Colombia on a walk at Tinamu Reserve (my photos from there were no good) and while driving to Pueblo Rico from Montezuma Rain Forest Lodge (my photos are from there).  
Acorn woodpecker range from Wikipeadia.
I thought I'd read that the Colombian acorn woodpeckers had yellow on their heads and throats, but I'm seeing that they all can, including some of my photos in California. There are seven subspecies and flavigula is only found in Colombia. My photos of the Colombian acorn woodpeckers follow:

The woodpecker in this and the next photo has a lot of yellow, including the head and lowerparts. 

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