Saturday, July 1, 2023

Collared Trogon

Trogons are beautiful birds. I'd seen two species previously, the black-tailed trogon in Peru and the slaty-tailed trogon in Panama. I saw two additional species of trogon in Tatama NNP in Colombia on the dirt road on Montezuma Mountain. 
Collared trogon
The collared trogon is found from southern Mexico, through portions of Central America into the upper half of South America.  
Collared trogon range from Wikipedia.
There are ten subspecies. I saw either virginalis, found in western Colombia through western Ecuador and into northwestern Peru, or subtropicalis, found in central Colombia, especially in the Magdalena and Cauca valleys (I'm still trying to figure out the Colombian geography). The male I saw had a green head, neck, and back and red lowerparts separated from the green neck by a horizontal white stripe. It had a black face mask and a yellow bill. The wings were black and white with stripes and the undertail was black with white horizontal stripes. Females, which I did not see, have brown where the male is green, the lowerparts are a duller red and the undertail is gray with a few black bars.

We saw this trogon on a limb crossing the road high above us.

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