Friday, July 7, 2023

Collared Inca

Birds of the World indicates that the collared inca male has mostly black upperparts with a lower back and rump that is dark green. It has a violet forecrown and a small white patch at the back of the eye. The throat is blackish green, it has a large white chest band and the lower underparts are black with a greenish sheen. The outer tail feathers are white with black tips and the other tail feathers are greenish black. In females, dark green replaces the black areas, the white throat has green disks on the throat and the chest band is less prominent. Below the chest bands they are mostly gray with small green disks. 
Note the violet patch on the forecrown of this male. It also has pink feet. 

They are found mostly in cloud forests from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to Bolivia. 
Collared inca range from Wikipedia.
I saw collared incas near the top of Montezuma Mountain in Tatama NNP. 

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