Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Eastern Wood-Pewee

The eastern wood-pewee is very similar looking to the least flycatcher which I just posted on yesterday. It is also a small flycatcher. It is differentiated from the least flycatcher by having a much less bold white eye ring, is larger, has a larger bill and different songs and calls. 
Eastern wood-pewee in Central Park. 

It is also very difficult to distinguish from the western wood-pewee, except by range and song. In fact, they used to be considered the same species. I saw either an eastern or western wood-pewee at Tinamu Reserve in Colombia in March, an area where both species are found, and labeled it an eastern wood-pewee. No one has tried to identify it on iNaturalist. 
Eastern wood-pewee range from Wikipedia.

A wood-pewee in Colombia which is either an eastern or western. 

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  1. Looks pretty tiny to me, but sweet-faced, like a happy toddler.