Friday, June 9, 2023

Tawny-Bellied Hermit

The tawny-bellied hermit is a hummingbird found in small portions of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. 
Tawny-bellied hermit range from Wikipedia. 
Its upperparts are olive green and males have reddish-orange uppertail coverts. The central tail feathers are long and white and the rest are dark with orange ends. There are two subspecies. The nominate species we saw, syrmatophorus, has an orange throat, belly and undertail coverts while the other subspecies, columbianus, has dark brown. The bill is very decurved, with the females being more-so. 

I saw this bird at the hummingbird feeders at Montezuma Rainforest Lodge. 

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  1. Another interesting bill variation. The coloring on this one is so beautiful.