Thursday, June 22, 2023

Striolated Manakin

While at Montezuma Rainforest Lodge in Colombia I walked with Judy, Savannah and our guide up the road into Tatama NNP. We entered an area where our guide said that we would see some manakins, apparently because there was some water nearby. Over the next half-hour or so I had one of the more frustrating experiences I've had trying to spot birds and then get photos of them. My eyesight was horrible because of cataracts in one eye and cloudiness in the sack that contains the lens in the other eye and these were small birds in a dark, dense forest. 
This is a photo of a striolated manakin from Wikipedia.
I got home and in working on my photos it is clear that I saw a striolated manakin, as my guide said, even though my photos are poor. 
This is my best photo and shows clearly the red and white streaks on the underparts. It also shows the white on the underneath tail feathers as seen on the Wikipedia photo.

This is my poorest photo, but gives the only photo with a good look at its back and the top of its head. 
Wikipedia states that the " olive green above with a red crown and nape. The underparts are streaked reddish and white. The throat is whitish. The female lacks the red crown."

They are found in the west and northwest of Amazonia, which is defined as the tropical rainforest that covers most of the Amazon Basin. 
Striolated manakin range from Wikipedia.


  1. Are these the birds that were clapping their wings?

  2. (Bob) No, that was the golden-collared manakin at Timanu.