Friday, June 23, 2023

Club-Winged Manakin

In the same area of Tatama NNP in Colombia where I saw the striolated manakin I also saw a female club-winged manakin. My guide identified it as such and I finally found a photo on All About Birds, a subscription service, that confirms it. 

The club-winged manakin's range is much more limited than the striolated manakin. It is only found on the western slopes of the Andes Mountains in Colombia and northwestern Ecuador.
Club-winged manakin range from Wikipedia.
Birds of the World indicates that females are mostly olive-green above with a "cinnamon tinge" on the face, a "whitish throat,  yellowish olive breast" and  "pale yellow belly." Without going into much detail, males are spectacularly colored with a red cap and forehead, an otherwise brownish-red head, neck and back and black wings with substantial white in them. 
This shows the mostly olive-green body with cinnamon on the face. 

This shows the whitish neck and the pale yellowish belly. 
The next two photos show the pale yellowish belly and olive-green back and head. 

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  1. Why is its range so much smaller? Temperature? Diet?