Monday, May 18, 2020

Spiny Senna

The spiny senna is one of the showboats of the desert flowers. It stands out in the early morning sunshine like no other plant. In each of the photos below the plants just jump out of the photo.

The flowers have five petals and can be yellow to salmon pink. The fruit is a legume pod and I believe this is the first year I've noticed the pods. 
Buds and flowers.

Some green pods are beginning to grow.

The legume pods are long and plentiful.
The highpoint of the bloom was April 25th (I didn't even take photos of any on April 18th). There were still blooms on May 2nd, but dwindling quite a bit. By May 9th there were very few blooming and those that were had significant legume pods on them. 

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  1. This one is a stunner in her youth, but rather plain (or more "interesting") as she ages. Like most of us, I guess!