Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Brown-Eyed Primrose or Browneye

Ten years ago I did a post on the brown-eyed primrose or browneye. It has a flower with four white petals, a pistil longer than the stamens with a bulbous stigma at the tip, and a brown base which gives it the name browneye. 
For a photo of more developed flowers, look at my prior post. 

I surmised then, and may this time as well, that they open only at night which makes missing them easier. I only saw these flowers once and in an area that I regularly visit. When I saw them they were small and still had much more growing to do. They did not look significant at first glance and only on close inspection did they really look pretty spectacular. 
This is a photo of the plant which was a little more spread out than shown in this photo. 

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