Thursday, May 14, 2020

California Fagonia

As part of my Covid-19 quarantine get-out-of-the-house for sanity exercise I've been visiting the desert each week (five weeks in a row - so far) and seeing how it changes. This, in many ways, is a duplication of something I did 10 years ago. It is in the same vicinity (but on the opposite side of the freeway because of the closure of Joshua Tree NP), but I am going more often than I did then. I did a series of many blog posts on plants and started to learn about desert plants for the first time. Now I'm duplicating many of those posts, putting in much less about the plant, but sharing my new pictures, re-learning much of what I had forgotten and learning some new things.

The California fagonia was a subject of a prior post. The plant is pretty ordinary and the flowers are small, so nothing about this plant cries for inspection. 
The little lavender specks on the green bush are each flowers. 
A closer view of the flowers.
However its little five-petaled lavender-purple flowers, with yellow-tipped stamens, are quite beautiful under close scrutiny, like many other plants in the desert. 

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  1. More than most other places, the desert teaches you to look VERY closely. This tiny purple flower is a great example.