Saturday, May 16, 2020

Blue Palo Verde Tree

The blue palo verde tree is found in the Sonoran Colorado Desert of southeastern California and the Sonoran Deserts in southern Arizona and northwestern Sonora, Mexico. 
A blue palo verde in the Colorado Desert of Southern California. 
It has a gray-green trunk which does photosynthesis whether it has leaves or not. It has bright yellow flowers which are followed by seed pods that are a food source for birds and rodents. Native Americans ate the flowers both fresh and cooked and ate the beans when soft and immature, cooked whole, or ground the ripe seeds into flour to eat as atole (a hot beverage) or gruel (boiled in water).  
A branch starting to bud.
The buds starting to flower.
Beautiful flowers.

The flowers turn into seed pods. I think today is the first time I've ever seen the large seed pods (I've previously seen them when they were long and thin). 

These flowers have all dried up and all that is left are seed pods. 

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