Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Qibla Tozabog - Khiva, Uzbekistan

The beautiful, 1,500 year old, walled city of Khiva, Uzbekistan is an amazing bastion of architecture and culture in a country I literally knew nothing about before visiting. 

Right outside the city we visited the hotel/restaurant Qibla Tozabog which used to be the summer residence of the Khiva Emirs. 

We were with a large tour group of 90, so the food was one size fits all. We were seated in a room with green walls, green carpet and green chairs. 

Fruit, bread and fruit juice.

Green pasta, which fit right in, with a meat and vegetable stew on top.

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  1. Such a wealthy, exotic, beautiful environment. I guess it didn't really matter if the food was any good, right?