Monday, February 3, 2020

Papa Beppe's - Kaliningrad

When we flew into Kaliningrad from Warsaw we were picked up at the airport by our guide who took us to dinner at Papa Beppe's. It appears to be a chain with at least two restaurants.  

Because of our proximity to the ocean, I think both Judy and I were thinking seafood. Kaliningrad is a Russian oblast snuggled between Poland and Lithuania. It takes a Russian visa to visit and virtually everything is in Russian, very little in English. With the benefit of looking on-line now, I can see we would have been better off going for pizza. 

Judy got some black (squid ink?) pasta with shrimp and mussels. She said it was okay. 
I got a platter with fried squid rings, raw salmon, and seared tuna. It was quite mediocre. 
It was not what I had in mind when we arranged with the guide for a nice dinner on our arrival, but that is part of the give and take of travel. Our guide the first night spoke relatively good English. Our guide the next day really struggled with English, I think she substituted in for us when this English speaking guide had another commitment arise.  

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  1. Pizza was an option??? I would love to try Russian pizza.