Sunday, February 9, 2020

Grand Central Oyster Bar - New York City

In freezing January 2019 weather we visited Grand Central Station and the Grand Central Oyster Bar with Andrew. We pulled in on the subway, took a look around Grand Central Station, then followed the signs to the vaulted underground Oyster Bar.

Despite the huge metropolitan bustle, it is located close to some of the premier oyster habitat on the east coast. We enjoyed a nice quantity of oyster on the half shell. We got six Bluepoint Oysters which are now considered any oyster out of Long Island Sound. I'd had the impression that they originated on the Connecticut side of the Sound, but they actually did not originate in the Sound at all, but from the waters off Blue Point, New York, in Great South Bay on the south side of Long Island.    
We also got six Cotuit oysers from the waters of Cotuit Bay on Cape Cod. We found them larger and juicier than the Bluepoints with more oyster liqueur. 
Finally, I got an obligatory oyster po boy, in my search for the best of that genre (the oyster po boy in Newport, Oregon is still the best, by far). This one did not have enough sauce or other ingredients, the bun was too hard, and the oysters were over-cooked.  
The oysters were great, I still prefer the oyster presentation from King's Fish House, where they are on ice and also have my favorite seafood sauce. This was a fun setting and worth the stop. 

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  1. As an iconic NYC restaurant, it is definitely worth the stop, but I agree, they weren't the best oysters I have ever had.