Friday, February 7, 2020

Food in Krakow, Poland

As I've formulated in my mind what makes a great destination, one of the factors is food. There are some places that immediately come to mind as having great, distinctive food: Peru, Mexico, Morocco,  France and Spain. Well, you can add Poland. 

I've posted on several restaurants in Krakow, now I'm going to randomly throw in some food we had around Krakow. 

We found Pizza Osemka in a Jewish neighborhood. The pizza was already made, it just needed to be warmed up. I'm not a pizza lover, but I loved this pizza. Big pieces of meat and vegetables covering the pie, and lots of corn, not a familiar add-on in the U.S.

We visited an outdoor market outside of St. Mary's in Old Town and got some nice grilled food.
I got pigs knuckle several times, but this was by far the best. I'd never had it before (at least that I recall). 
A nice sausage and some German-style mustard. 
A couple of small pierogis. 
Salty smoked sheep cheese. 
We got some variety on a food tour we took. 
More pierogis. I do like them better fried with a little outer crust. 
Poland makes wonderful soup. This was no exception. 
A cross between soup and pierogis.
More salted sheep cheese. 
I believe this is potato salad.
Some appetizers made of a bread-base and toppings. 
Pickles are not the reason I like Polish food. But they do seem to like their pickles. 
Some very good non-alcoholic 

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  1. I'm trying to choose a favorite out of these photos, and I think it's a tie between the pierogis, the pig's knuckle, the soups, the sausage, and the pizza.