Sunday, February 16, 2020

Night Market - Dunhuang, Gansu, China

While part of a larger tour group on a silk road tour we tried to break away from the large group dinners to find our own food. In Dunhuang, Gansu Province, China, our guide Orlando took us out one night to the local market in the Muslim quarter.
The night market in Dunhuang.
She introduced us to one particular local couple who were cooking outdoors. Orlando stayed with us to help us order, then slipped back to be with the rest of our group. It was not our best meal, by any stretch of the imagination, not even close, but it was local.
Orlando our guide, to the left of Judy.
The only meal item I was particularly excited about was the roasted sheep intestine. It was pretty good. 
Dunhuang is known for its yellow wheat noodles.
Grilled meat - I assume it is lamb.

This lamb was cooked on a pyramid shaped metal holder. It was over-cooked and stringy.
Egg and tomato.
Beans and garlic. 
This may have been an evening the group that stayed with the large group meal won. But we also experienced walking the rest of the night market and we clearly won on other evenings when we opted away from the group to do our own thing.


  1. I would rather have a B grade meal off on our own than sit through another formulaic massive group meal. It was fun to be out in the city.