Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Stoplight Parrotfish

The stoplight parrotfish is found among the coral reefs of Florida, Bermuda, the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and as far south as Brazil. In its initial phase it has white spots and a red belly
The red belly in the initial phase is very visible.
It has a carp-like head.

In its terminal phase, when it has become a sexually mature male, it becomes a psychedelic looking iridescent greenish blue with a yellow or orange crescent and spot on its tail and a yellow stoplight in front of its pectoral fin (where it gets its name). 
In its terminal phase it is one of the most beautiful fish. 
This photo is less clear, but the yellow "stoplight" spot behind the head is visible. 
I saw these stoplight parrotfish at Trunk Bay on St. John Island, U.S. Virgin Islands. I was shocked in researching for this post that both phases were the same fish. 

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