Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ballyhoo (fish)

The ballyhoo is found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in tropical-warm temperate waters. It has a short upper jaw and an elongated lower jaw and a cylindrical elongated body. Its lower beak is very long and has an iridescent red tip. Their bodies are silver with a blue sheen and they have forked tails with a yellow upper lobe. They are found in quiet bays. 
Ballyhoo in Carlisle Bay, Barbados.
We saw these ballyhoo off Barbados in Carlisle Bay in the vicinity some ship wrecks used as the beginnings of coral reefs. They always seemed to swim just below the surface of the water in groups. 
The red tip can be seen on the ballyhoo to the mid-right. 
Ballyhoo swimming among lots of sergeant major fish.

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  1. It's astonishing to see the variety of fish when snorkeling.