Saturday, April 22, 2017

Peacock Liver Pate

My last post was about goat drob, a Romanian dish made by C. c. Claudia. Claudia grew up in Romania in a family that loved food and she learned as a youth how to turn offal into wonderful dishes. She is married to Anshu Pathak, the owner of Exotic Meat Market, which markets not only exotic meats, but vegetables, fruits and cheese, and thus has access to an incredible range of ingredients. Claudia also has a garden, which I've not seen but have heard about, where she grows a wide variety of fruits, herbs and other plants. She is not only an incredible artist, but a fantastic and adventurous cook.  

Anshu and Claudia raise peacocks on their farm which they market through Exotic Meat Market. The livers, a cast-away item for most people, were retained by Claudia for this pate. The pate was made with peacock liver, onion, summer savory (an herb used in the same way as sage and very popular in Romania), black pepper, pink Himalayan salt, Turkish pistachios, sweety drop peppers, and ocotillo flowers (Claudia is growing an ocotillo in her garden - I had no idea the flowers were edible!). 
The pate tastes a lot like liverwurst, which I love. The peppers, pistachios and flowers add a nice variety of textures. It is good on its own, or with mustard and/or dill pickle. When I first brought it home and tasted it, it had been un-refrigerated for awhile and was fairly liquid (my photo, which is blurry, catches it in that state). After being refrigerated over-night it was quite solid. It is good either way. 

Thank you Claudia for allowing us enjoy the fruits of your interests and talents!


  1. Great texture--really moist and very flavorful. I love all the unusual ingredients.

  2. I'm impressed by all of the unusual ingredients, too. I can't say I've heard of anyone else who's eaten Peacock Pate.