Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ocotillo - 2017 Rains

It has been number of years since I've spent much time in the desert. This year's rains got me excited to get out again and to see the desert in its blooming splendor. I've been out to Joshua Tree National Park twice and Organ Pipe Cactus National Park twice.

I did a post on ocotillo in 2009 and it feels like the right time again to share some photos of these wonderful desert plants that benefited from this year's rains. 
This area of ocotillo in Joshua Tree NP is probably the most concentrated cluster of ocotillo I've seen. 
The secondary leaves are out in green splendor and they are proudly displaying lots of red flowers. 
This area on the fringe of Joshua Tree is off Hayfield Road and has a nice mountain backdrop. 
The sun is catching the leaves of this ocotillo which stands out against the dark mountain backdrop. 

This water-logged ocotillo was in Organ Pipe Cactus NM during a heavy rain. 
These new, light green, secondary leaves are catching the morning sun. 

These red flowers really stand out against the dark green secondary leaves. 

The unopened flowers look like lipstick. 

As I mentioned in my 2009 post, ocotillo is one of my favorite desert plants. It was wonderful to see them beautifully green, flowering and thriving. 


  1. I think I love the unusual green leaves that cover the spiny branches as much as I like the beautiful flowers.

  2. oh, such a wonderful post! I really love the Ocotillo, they are so special - and I really envy you for seeing them in such splendor!

  3. I really love the shape and flowers of this plant. It's really a standout in the desert scenery.