Monday, April 10, 2017

Fedo's New Venture - Soufriere, St. Lucia

Fedo's gets its name from its owner and chef, Frederick "Fedo" Vite. It is known for offering good local cuisine. We were brought to this location in Soufriere, very close to the twin pitons (mountains), by our driver upon request that we find some good local food. 

Judy and I shared a tamarind drink which was fabulous. It was more sweet than sour, was cold and perfect on this relatively warm, humid day. 
I ordered cajun style mahi mahi (caught in local waters), cooked rare, anticipating some heat. What I got was cooked rare, as ordered, nice and juicy, but the orangish/yellow sauce on it had no heat at all, but was very mild. I have no idea what was in the sauce, but it was unlike anything I can recall. Mahi mahi is very mild and not my favorite fish, which is why I was hoping for some heat. 
The fish came with a collection of vegetables that was amazing. It included breadfruit (which I guess is a fruit but seems like a root vegetable), which maybe was a first for me. It had kind of a starchy, fake texture and a spit-inhibiting blandness that caused me to rejoice in having tried it and having no obligation to try it again. For the life of me I can't understand why anyone would eat it if something else was available. Next was dasheen, or what is called taro in other parts of the world. It has a nicer texture than breadfruit, but is not much superior on the taste side. It was nice to try and even better not to have to finish it. Next was christophene, or chayote, which is bland but has a nicer texture. Okay, but nothing to relish. Cassava, or yuca, is another vegetable I've tried, but do not love, except when in the form of fries. Purple sweet potatoes was decidedly better. The sweet plantain was not particularly sweet and I only nibbled on it. The shredded cabbage, carrots and rice and beans were less unusual. 
The other side of the plate. You can see it was loaded.
Overall I was thrilled to have eaten the meal, even though I did not particularly love it. It was and felt authentic. 


  1. I loved our meal here. It was one of the rare times I felt like we were getting the real deal, not some touristy watered-down version of the local cuisine.

  2. I loved the meal here, too. Like Judy I felt like we were eating genuine local food.