Monday, April 3, 2017

Flying Fish Sandwich - Bridgetown, Barbados

In Barbados we spent some time on a catamaran and I was talking to one of the crew members about unusual food in Barbados. He recommended that I try a dish called cou cou and flying fish, the national dish of Barbados. Cou cou is a mixture of corn meal and okra which is then served with fried or steamed flying fish. He told me any taxi could take me to a place that prepares it.
An illustration of a flying fish from Wikipedia. 
When we got back to the cruise ship terminal a taxi driver told me she could drop us off at a place that serves flying fish sandwiches. That sounded great. When she dropped us off at Chefette, which looked like a local version of Burger King or McDonalds, I thought the driver was pulling my chain, particularly when, at first glance, I did not see flying fish on the menu. However, one of the employees confirmed that they did have a flying fish sandwich, pointed it out to me on their menu, and I ordered one. 
Chefette, in downtown Bridgetown, Barbados. 
Menu advertises flying fish.
My sandwich looked as good as this picture, not something that happens very often. 
I was completely blown away to get a marvelous looking sandwich with lots of lettuce and onions, pickles, tomato and fish. I took a bite and was instantly impressed. I rarely eat fish sandwiches, but if fish sandwiches tasted like this, I'd eat more of them. The flying fish, more of a dark meat, tasted great, and the sauce and other ingredients were ample and complemented each other. If this were in California, I would get again. 
Flying fish sandwich with top bun removed.
Sandwich after a couple of big bites.
Later, when we passed KFC, Judy pointed out to me that they offer a flying fish sandwich as well. That's when I realized that flying fish is a big deal in Barbados. 
KFC flying fish ad. Reflections make it hard to see.
I noticed a flying fish on the $1 dollar Barbados coin as I got change at Chefette.  
A Barbados dollar with a flying fish. The receipt is in Barbados currency, not U.S. dollars. 

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  1. One of those rare times when the actual burger looks better than the photo.