Thursday, January 28, 2010

Splash Cafe: Seafood

Judy and I recently went to San Luis Obispo where I attended a continuing education class. A "have to do" when we are in the area is a visit to Splash to get some clam chowder. We discovered Splash many years ago in Pismo Beach and immediately fell in love with their clam chowder, the best I've ever tasted. It is very thick and very buttery. It is not for calorie counters. I found that they have opened a cafe in San Luis Obispo, and so we went there for lunch immediately following my class on Saturday afternoon. It is located at 1491 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo.

I read the Yelp reviews on it and almost invariably they insist on getting the clam chowder in a bread bowl with seafood topping (which costs $1.00 extra). So that is what we got. However, when they brought it initially, it did not appear to have the toppig.

Because I'd never had the topping before, I took it to the waiter to ask. She took it back and came back with a much better looking breadbowl:

the real crab and shrimp topping was piled high, and it was great! The core of the hollowed out bread bowl is toasted and buttered on the plate and accompanied by the top of the bread bowl. I also read a Yelp account of the crab melt sandwich which sounded good. So I asked if they had it and they did, although they generally only have them on Fridays.

It is toasted and buttered bread with crab meat, bay shrimp, cheese, avocado, red onion, tomato and lettuce. I don't think I've ever had anything like it before and I quite enjoyed it.

Judy and I shared these two items and were full. The clam chowder is very filling, down to the last bite.

The San Louis Obispo restaurant also serves artisan bread. We bought a loaf of jalapeno cheddar. I had a piece at home, buttered with added garlic salt. It was also very good.

The San Luis Obispo location has more room and I believe it is also less crowded. It is always worth a detour to go there.

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