Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brown Agouti

While in Peru last February we stayed in the Inkaterra resort just off the Madre de Dios River below Puerto Maldonado. During the several days we were there, we got to see quite a few brown agoutis, a rodent that reaches about two feet long and up to four pounds.

The agoutis were on the grass as we went between the lodge where we ate our meals and our cabanas. They feed by sitting on their hind legs and holding the food between their forepaws.

They are related to the guinea pig, but have longer hind legs. They have five front and three hind toes and a very short hairless tail.

They are found in Central and South America. They have very coarse hair that can have a glossy appearance.

I am calling it what the locals called it. As I look on-line, I find that there are many species of agouti and the brown agouti is not one that is named.

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