Saturday, January 23, 2010

Duck Soup

For Christmas, Andrew got me some unusual food items: one was a dry salted duck leg;

 and another was dry salted turkey gizzards.

When I had Peking duck at Lotus Garden recently, I decided to use the remaining duck carcass, along with the above items, as the base for some duck soup.

I put a bunch of water in a pot, added the dry salted duck leg,

the turkey gizzards,

and the cut up duck carcass.

I also added two large chopped up onions, about four or five sticks of celery, cut into pieces, a couple of small sweet peppers, 3 cubes of chicken bouillion, quite a bit of paprika and pepper, and salt. When it had simmered for several hours I ladeled out the duck leg and cut it into pieces,

and pulled the duck meat off the duck carcass. I ate some of the turkey gizzards and they were so tough that I did not cut them up and put them in the soup - they just added flavoring to the broth. The soup was actually quite good. Nice for a cold winter day. I have been thinking of trying something like this each time I get a Peking duck carcass, but Andrew's additional items were my incentive.

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