Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mousse: Goose, Duck and Chicken

Following the Christmas break I took Andrew home to his place in Santa Monica and we stopped at Whole Foods to see if we could find some interesting mushrooms. While there, we found three different kinds of mousse that intrigued us: chicken, duck and goose. I recently did a post on foie gras, a duck mousse made in France. These mousses appeared to be similar.

The cheapest of the three, was primarily chicken liver, with duck and chicken fat.

It was the strongest flavor and had quite a livery flavor, like liverwurst, although a little sweeter. It was very good. We had some French bread which we put it on to eat it with.

Next, in terms of expense, was the duck mousse. It had duck liver and duck fat as the primary ingredients.

It did not have a liver flavor at all. It was milder, not sweet and tasted even better, although its taste is harder to describe.

It looked very similar, although the gelatin on the outside was not as dark.

Finally, the most expensive and of course the best, was the mousse with goose and duck liver, and duck and chicken fat.

It was the most mild of the three. It had no liver taste, was slightly sweet and had the texture of smooth butter. It was really marvelous.

Again, it was hard to differentuate between the look of it and the others.

It was really fun to try all three mousses side by side, because there were substantial differences in taste, more so than we had guessed there would be. There was too much time between this and the French foie gras we ate to do a good comparison, but I think the goose mousse beat it for taste. It was really amazing stuff.

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