Sunday, June 26, 2022

Pacific Hornero

The pale-legged hornero has two subspecies, the Pacific hornero and the Caribbean hornero, which are sometimes considered separate species. 
The Pacific hornero is found in wooded habitats near water. It has reddish brown wings and tail, light tan underparts, light pink legs and a white eyebrow. 

We visited a cocoa farm southeast of Guayaquil, Ecuador near Churute Mangrove Ecological Preserve. It was situated near a river and during lunch I watched a pair of nesting horneros coming back and forth. The nest was in a tree and the other adult would wait on a long branch that reached out over the river. 


  1. Just read your post on cooking the grey squirrel, came here to see if you survived! Nice detailed post!

  2. The puffy breast reminds me of a turkey or a GMO chicken--it looks like it is created for eating. Or maybe it's just a version of an overweight bird.