Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Boat-Billed Flycatcher

We visited Churute Mangroves Ecological Reserve, with a hope of seeing some new birds, but I saw more new species of birds at the nearby cocoa farm we visited. 

On our drive to the cocoa farm our guide stopped the car and pointed to a telephone wire and said "kingfisher." It didn't look like any kingfisher I'd ever seen but I wasn't going to complain about the stop. The bird looked like a number of other birds I've seen, yellow lower parts, a black eye stripe and darker upperparts. 

The distribution of the boat-billed flycatcher is fairly similar to that of the roadside hawk in my last post: most of the upper two-thirds of South America, Central America and up into Mexico, although this bird is also found along much of the Pacific coast of Mexico as well. 

It gets its name from its large bill

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