Friday, June 10, 2022

Bewick's Wren

Bewick's wren  is found primarily in the midwest and western U.S. and down into Mexico. There are currently 13 subspecies and we have one of the subspecies in Southern California and northwestern Baja California, Mexico. 
Bewick's wren in Live Oak Canyon

It has brown plumage on top, light gray underneath, a white stripe above each eye, a slightly curved long, slender beak, and a long tail with black bars and white edges. 
In Big Morongo Preserve. the nest is in the hole. 

View of the tail feathers. 

I've seen them twice, nesting. One in Live Oak Canyon near our home in Redlands, nesting in a hole in a clay cliff in an arroyo and twice nesting in a whole in a dead tree in Big Morongo Canyon Preserve in Yucca Valley. 

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  1. A simple bird with simple needs--just a hole for its home.