Thursday, March 5, 2020

Diamond Palace Chinese Seafood - Diamond Bar

I did a post on Diamond Palace Chinese Seafood in Diamond Bar almost ten years ago. I've eaten a fair amount of Chinese food in the intervening years and it is still up there as perhaps my favorite Chinese food anywhere, up there with places in Chinatowns in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manhattan and Flushing, among others. 

I was there recently with my friend Wing and got my favorite dishes. Their egg drop soup is amazing. It is very thick, almost glutinous, full of egg, corn and pieces of meat. It is smooth and warm and full of rich flavor. We get a large bowl for the two of us and we always eat it all, several small bowl fulls each. By far the best Chinese soup I've ever had and up there as some of the best soup I've ever had. 
Egg drop soup. You can see how thick it is from the photo. 
Their salt and pepper shrimp is the whole shrimp, including head-on, breaded and fried. I eat the whole thing, starting with the head which is bursting with juice and flavor, then down to the tail. It is a little bit crunchy, because of the shell, very moist and with tons of flavor. There are times when it is better than others. Always best when it is very hot. It took a few times before I was completely comfortable eating the whole shrimp, including the head, and without pealing it. But now it is no problem. 
Their salt and pepper porkchop is along the same line, pork breaded and fried. The pork is very moist and juicy and bursting with flavor. When done right, this may be my favorite dish.  I think of porkchop as dry. This is none of that. 
Last is Peking duck. It is broken into two separate plates. One plate has the fatty outer skin cut in thin layers with a little bit of underlying meat. It comes with buns, some scallions and a plum sauce. This is my favorite part. The crunchy, fatty skin with meat is to be treasured. 
The second plate is the lesser pieces with a bowl of a fruity sauce, like apricot. It includes the legs and more bony pieces of the duck. I've had better Peking duck other places, but theirs is good and always a welcome addition. 
With other people, we would add some ginger lobster, which I included in my last post. 

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  1. So jealous. Tell Wing I want to come along next time.