Saturday, March 7, 2020

Citrone Restaurant and Bar - Redlands

I've been to Citrone in Redlands, California several times, but mostly for lunch and I've been mostly underwhelmed, although it has a reputation as one of the best restaurants in Redlands. I recently went for dinner and had a much better experience. 

The steamed mussels and clams were very good, particularly the clams, and it was a generous serving. I don't recall the broth it was in, but it was unusual and had a different flavor. 
Toasted bread, in a stack, was also very good. Not overdone, still warm, and nice flavor. 
The king crab cakes, which I got because I'd never seen that as an item anywhere, were a big disappointment. They were overcooked, dry and were devoid of much flavor. The white sauce, which I slathered on, made them palatable. 
The pear salad with blue cheese and nuts was pretty good. I shared an order with Judy.
The special was a 25 ounce ribeye which I got medium rare and asked them to put on blue cheese. I've been disappointed with a number of steaks I've ordered recently, and this was a nice surprise. It was a great piece of meat, cooked as ordered, and the blue cheese was ample and went well with it. The blue cheese was so ample, that I scraped most of it off toward the end because it got to be too much. It came with nice garlic mashed potatoes and soft cooked carrots. It was the best item I had. 
Finally, although stuffed, I ordered a chocolate cheese cake which was thick and rich. However, I am a horrible chocolate eater. I prefer milk to dark and this was too dark for me. Judy who is a chocolate connosseur, enjoyed it. I loved the strawberry slices and chocolate sauce. 
Overall, I was more favorable impressed than I've been before and for the most part, it lived up to its reputation. 

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  1. My lamb was not too memorable, but I loved the salad and dessert we shared, and I was jealous of your blue cheese-smothered steak.