Friday, December 6, 2019

Pronghorn - Antelope Island (2019)

I've posted on pronghorns four times previously: (1) in Billings, MT and Buena Vista, CO; (2) Custer State Park in SD; (3) Antelope Island in UT; and (4) Belfield and Little Missouri National Grassland in ND. In my previous Antelope Island post, I noted that I'd only seen them twice and both times were at great distances. I visited Antelope Island again in November and spent most of my time on the east side of the island where the pronghorn are supposed to be. I finally gave up and drove up to a higher elevation, and there I spotted a group of them on a ridge much closer than I'd seen them before. They disappeared over the ridge in the direction where a road goes, so I took that road and just as I got to the top of the ridge there was a herd of pronghorn just off the road, on both sides. I actually got out of the car and took photos quite awhile as they wandered around, ultimately at some distance, then came back again. 
I like the color in this photo.
These are some of my favorite photos from that trip. 

I like the view of the pair of horns and ears.
A female with her tiny horns.

Two pronghorns barely visible in the grass at some distance. 
Pronghorns crossing the road in front of a car (the photo is through my windshield which distorts the color and clarity). 

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  1. The antelope in the photo of the "pair of horns and ears" looks like an adolescent in that awkward, somewhat unattractive stage.