Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Bison - North Dakota

Two days ago I did a post on bison at Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. Earlier in 2019, in September, we visited North Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt National Park - both the South Unit near Madora and the North Unit which is about 70 miles north. We saw bison in both places and I share some of my favorite photos from that experience.
The leaves were just changing colors providing a beautiful back-drop.
This bison was down a steep hill amidst arroyos, hills and lots of trees, not typical bison country in my mind. 

The foregoing photos, as well as this one, were in the North Unit. This bison is in the typical grassland I think of when I think of bison. 
This bison stood out because of the heavy fur going all the way down the front leg. 

This bison reminds me of the bison on the buffalo nickle. 
This bison and those below, were in the South Unit. Close-up of the head of a bison near a large clay mound. He had quite a bit of clay streaked in his fur. 
This bison was walking down the center of the road and would not move over. We were afraid to try and pass him for fear of his ramming our car. We must have followed him for ten minutes. 
The muscles and power in that body are amazing.