Monday, December 23, 2019

Restaurant Vitamar - Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Last September and August, in a four day driving marathon, my nephew and I drove through five Mexican states in northeastern Mexico. His goal is to go to each of the capitals of the 31 Mexican states, as well as Mexico City, which is a federal entity similar to Washington, D.C. and my goal is to visit each one of the Mexican states and Mexico City. 

Ciudad Victoria is the capital city of the state of Tamaulipas, in the northeastern corner of Mexico. It is very rural with an economy that appears to be tied to agriculture. It also has a long border with the U.S. state of Texas and as a result has a high volume of smuggling over the U.S. border and the attendant crime. It was recently one of the Mexican states that Americans were warned not to visit. 

From the state of San Luis Potosi we drove Hwy 101 through vast expenses of unpopulated area, crossing through the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains, reaching Ciudad Victoria. Compared to the four other capitals we visited, Ciudad Victoria was much smaller and appeared much, much poorer. The restaurant I scouted out ahead of time only had a buffet when we visited, so John, my nephew, found a different restaurant closer to downtown and the center of state government he wanted to visit.

We had lunch at Mariscos Vitamar, or Vitamar Seafood in English. I did not get a photo of the menu, and it doesn't have one on-line, so I'll give my memory the best shot.
I got chorizo and eggs, which came scrambled, and refried beans. I also got some shrimp and macaroni salad. 

John got some soup, macaroni salad and some sort of stewish looking meat that I don't recall.
It was pretty ordinary. The best part of the restaurant was a pet toucan in the entry. 

We walked a few blocks near the government center of Tamaulipas, then across the street to Ciudad Victoria Cathedral, also known as Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral, which was just emptying from a Sunday mass. 

Ciudad Victoria Cathedral

Overall, Ciudad Victoria was my least favorite of the five capital cities, but Tamaulipas was my favorite of the five states we visited, from the standpoint of the natural beauty and miles of unpopulated territory. 

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  1. I remember that entire state looking pretty poor, even by Mexican standards. Which is sad because like you say it has some really interesting nature to it. I would like to one day go back and visit the national Forest and see the butterflies.