Monday, December 2, 2019

Western Red-Tailed Hawk - Antelope Island

I've had two previous posts with nice photos of western red-tailed hawks: one in February 2017 with a hawk seen in Organ Pipe Cactus NM (Arizona); and the other in April 2017 in Gran Desierto Biosphere Reserve in Sonora, Mexico. 
I just got some great photos of a western red-tailed hawk on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake (Utah). It was standing on a branch and allowed me to get relatively close before flying. It was much darker than the red-tailed hawks I've previously photographed. And there is something about the winter terrain on Antelope Island that I love, the variety of brown colors inter-mixed with water and mud and the backdrop of the Wasatch Front. 
The hawk as I first saw it.
Preparing for flight.
Leaping into the air from the branch.
Amazing underwings.
The name-sake red tail.
This reminds me of a hover-craft. 
One of my favorite photos: varying shades of blue signifying the lake, the mudflats, the Wasatch Front and the dark outline of the hawk in the midst of it all. 

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  1. I love the photo showing the underwings. WOW. It almost looks like snake scales!