Sunday, September 22, 2019

American Pronghorn

I've posted on the pronghorn twice previously, the first in 2009 and the second five years later in 2014 after a visit to Custer State Park in South Dakota. It has been another five years and we've been to the Dakotas again, this time North Dakota, so time for another pronghorn post. 
My first and best encounter was a male and two females just east of Hwy 85 north of Belfield. I spotted them in a field while driving, parked on the side of the road and got out and surprised them as I crested a small bank that prevented them from seeing our parked car. The male stared for a few seconds before taking off and taking the two females with him. 

I wanted to see some more pronghorns and with limited time I drove 20 miles west of Hwy 85 into the Little Missouri National Grassland, northeast of the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. There I encountered two solitary pronghorns, one a small female and the other a young male, within several hundred yards of each other. My photos of these are not very good, so I've not even included one of the young male. 
I am thrilled every time I see a pronghorn. 

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  1. Great shots! Their dramatic markings remind me of African animals.