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Captain Cannon: Transcription of the Iris Logbook - Part 9

Thurdsday July  23d 1800:                 [July 23 is a Wednesday, Thursday is July 24]

First Light Breezes and Clear Weather:---    Middle Part Gentle Breeze & Ditto. Weather:-- Latter Part Squally with ra[in]    121 Miles Distd.    Lattd. Obsd. 11..22 North

Dist. 121         Course S. 82 W.          Diff. Lat. 17                Dep. 120
Lat. in              Long. in. 122               Diff. Long. 52..35

Friday [July]  2[4] 1800:                    [July 24 is a Thursday, Friday is July 25]

First Part Strong Breeze and Clear Weather:--   Middle Part: Pleasent Clear the Ship Still Mo[v]ing 10 Inches Per Hour:-   Bent the Cables:--   Latter Strong Breezes and Cloudy    Lattd. Obsd. 11.18

Dist. 156         Course   West             Diff. Lat. 4                  Dep. 156
Lat. in              Long. in. 159               Diff. Long. 55..14

Sathurday July  25[,] 1800:                [July 25 is a Friday, Saturday is July 26]

First Part: Steaddy Breezes and Clear Weather:--   Middle Part Ditto. Weather: Perceved [Perceived] a Strong Current on the wator: Soposed to Bee Setting to go NErd.:--- Latter unsettled with Showers.    Distd. 174 Miles     Lattd. Obsd. 11..45 North

Dist. 174         Course   N81W.          Diff Lat. 27                 Dep. 172
Lat. in.             Long. in. 58..10           Diff. Long. 176

Sunday July  26[,] 1800:                     [July 26 is a Saturday, Sunday is July 27]

First Part: Strong and Squally:--   At 10 P.M. in Stearing Sails & Staysails: Hove too Ships Head to the S.E.wd:---  At 4 A.M. wore to the N.ward:--    At 5 A.M. Bore away as per Loog:--     Latt. Obsd. 11..16 North

Dist. 84           Course S.71W.            Diff. Lat. 29                Dep. 79
Lat. in              Long. in 59.31             Diff Long. 81

[Missing July 27, 1800]

[The following entry for July 28, 1800 was in my photocopy of the logbook following the November 4, 1798 entry. It was probably placed there because that entry had them approaching Jamaica and the following entry has them landing in Kingston, a city in Jamaica. However, the reference is actually to Kingstown in St. Vincent. The entry has been moved to match the other dates in the logbook.]

Tuesday July 28 1800:            [July 28 was a Monday, Tuesday was July 29 in 1800]     

Brought ovor

First Part of this 24 Hours Strong Breeze and Clear weather:--- At 2 P.M. Saw the Isles of St. vincints [St. Vincent] Bearing N.W.1/2 N. Distd. 8 Legues and at 6 P.M. Came too Anchor in Kingston [Kingstown][1] in 9 fathims wator:--

The picture on the following page is Kingstown in 1890. [download from Wikipedia]

[Missing July 29 and 30, 1800]

Friday July 31st. 1800:            [July 31 was a Thursday, Friday was August 1 in 1800]

First Part fresh Breezeis and Clear Weather all Necessary Sails Sett:-- Middle Part D. weather    Latter Part More Moderate    Distd. 173 Miles     Lattd. Obsd. 15..9 No.

Dist. 173         Course   N.68W.         Diff. Lat. 66                Dep. 160
Lat. in              Long. in. 69..12           Diff. Long. 167

Sathurday Augost 1st. 1800:   [August 1 was a Friday, Saturday was August 2 in 1800]

First Part Moderate & Clear W:--  All Sails Sett to the Best advantage:--  Middle Part Ditto. weather    Latter Part fresh Breeze      Distd. 168 Miles        Lattd. Obsd.  15..58 N.

Dist. 168         Course   N.73W.         Diff. Lat. 49                Dep. 160
Lat. in              Long. in 71..59            Diff. Long. 167

Sunday Aug[ost] 2d. 1800:     [August 2 was a Saturday, Sunday was August 3 in 1800]

from Bonney toward Jamaica [crossed out]  First Part of this Day Steaddy Breeze and Cloudy Pleasent Weather:--  The Ship Making M. Wator then ushall:-- At Meridian Spoke a Schoonor from Kingston Bound to St. Croix:--     No. Observation:---

Dist. 179         Course   N.55W.         Diff. Lat. 182              Dep. 146
Lat. in 17..40     Long. in. 74..33         Diff. Long. 154

Monday Augost 3d. 1800:      [August 3 was a Sunday, Monday was August 4 in 1800]

First Part Steaddy Breezes and Pleasant Weather:--    At 6 PM. saw the Land Bearing from N.W. to N.E.:---    At 11 A.M. spoke the Herreld [Harold?] 20 Gun Ship Captn. Bessells Belonging to the United States on a Cruise: --     At 6 A.M. the Isle of Qacks  Bore W.N.W. Dist. 3 Legues     At Meridian Bacooa Bore No. Dist 6 miles:--    Latter Part Moderate B… and Clear Weather:--     Lattd. Obsd. 17..52 No.
Baccoa Lattd. 17..52 No.
Longt. – 73..30 W.

Ten of the crew died.[2]

The Iris arrived in Jamaica on August 9, 1800 with 408 slaves. The Iris was condemned.[3]

George Cannon arrived back in Liverpool on November 24, 1800 after an absence of more than 16 months.[4]

[1] In 1763, the island of St. Vincent was ceded to Britain by France. It was restored to France in 1779 and then regained by the British in 1783 by the Treaty of Paris in which Great Britain officially recognized the end of the American Revolution. South of St. Vincent is a chain of over 600 islands known as the Grenadines and the island of Grenada is at the south end of that chain. Today, the Grenadine islands are divided by the countries of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. Kingstown is the chief port of Saint Vincent and the current capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is located at 13° 10’ N 61° 14’ W. (Wikipedia Encyclopedia: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Kingstown, and Grenadines).
[2] Second Iris Voyage.
[3] Second Iris Voyage.
[4] Second Iris Voyage.

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